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Question asked by eashton123 on Mar 31, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2017 by rhia

We want to create a summary letter to send to all of our donors that recently attended our Gala this month. We basically want to put opportunities from salesforce on the letter to send to them.  I thinking the DDP record type needs to be account. I'm thinking account and opportunities need to have a relationship. I'm thinking two filters,  one for the opportunities that have a campaign of the following campaigns. 2016 Gala, 2016 Gala Attendees, 2016 Gala Tickets, 2016 Gala Sponsors, 2016 Gala Item Donors, 2016 Gala Raffle Tickets, 2016 Gala Paddle Ask.  I really don't know where to set this filter? 


And also in the account list I don't know how to create a list that only has the accounts that were apart of the these campaigns? 


Any guidance would help.