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Workflow - anonymous update

Question asked by leif.frederiksen on Mar 30, 2016
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I have this situation, where I need to have a calculated field that shows "number of days delayed". The basic formula is something like "today - deadline".

Since it is not possible to use [Today] or TODAY() in a calculated column (well - TODAY() can be used, but tomorrow the value will be yesterday unless the item is updated, since calculated fields are only recalculated when an item is update - doh!).

One way out of this missery could be to have a workflow make an update to all items in the list right after midnight.


So far so good - that works.

However: I really don't like that the item history has the noise from the workflow in it. I would still very much like "Modified" and "Modified by" to reflect the last "real" update that was made to the item - not this workflow update, which is just a workaround to Sharepoint not suporting dynamic timestamps in calculated fields. In fact no fields are actually updated on the item itself as you can see in the screenshot (Field = None).

Any ideas on how to overcome this?