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Close Nintex Workflow form in Diag Modal Window

Question asked by darrentcs on Mar 30, 2016
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I wonder if someone can help.



I have created some links and javascript function(s) to open the edit and display forms of a SharePoint list item (from a link) in diag modal windows. This windows closes successfully when you click on either the save or cancel button. To add, these forms are Nintex forms.



I have a Nintex list workflow (to start manually). The workflow Initiation form has a few text fields the user enters, hooked up to list text fields, nothing technical.

I have constructed a url, with &scource redirect and a javascript function that opens this form in Diag Modal window. However, if you click on the save or cancel button, the workflow starts, but afterwards, the redirect page opens in the same Diag Modal window, where I need for the window to close and user to be taken to the redirect page, as is -open in the browser:



Here is the link and javascript function that successfully opens the workflow Initiation form in diag modal. I believe I am missing something to get this window to close after the workflow is either started or cancelled. Again, the form is a Nintex workflow initiation form and the buttons on the form have the same actions as the edit form that successfully closes. For the start button, save and submit action. For the cancel button - cancel action.



Link code:



<a href="javascript:openStartDialog('http://myserveraddress/_layouts/15/NintexForms/InitiateWorkflow.aspx?List={07efa1be-03c5-43b1-9e50-eff8e9db9e6b}&ID=361&ItemGuid={40EE6757-AF47-41CF-BB7B-20377D4DDE7F}&TemplateID={0411c35c-bd53-49a9-a49b-a4fb504fa8e9}&Source=http://mysiteaddress/sitepages/TCMA%20Tasks.aspx')">Some Link Text</a> 





Javascript function:



<script type="text/javascript">



function openStartDialog( sUrl ) { 



        url: sUrl,

        width: 750, 

        height: 567, 

        title: "Start Task"