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Nintex 365 on-change workflows do not start after the item is changed by another task workflow

Question asked by shaunlub on Mar 30, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2016 by shaunlub

This is really infuriating.

I have a list, with several list workflows designed to start depending on what status the list item/form is at. But changes by other task workflows are not recognized as changes by workflows, so everything grinds to a halt very quickly.


A Nintex list form is saved, and then changes are made....

  • Modification 1 (manual)
  • Modification Task 2 workflow (starts after modification1 - it is an assigned task workflow); last step of workflow sets form status to Waiting for Modification 3
  • Modification Task 3 workflow should run after checking (using a run-if) whether the form status is Waiting for Modification 3 (other start-on-change workflows would fire, then finish quickly after failing the run-if check actions).

But these on-change workflows refuse to run on any change not done manually on the list item. If I edit the list item, they run. But nothing else works.

This all works fine on-prem, but not 365 Nintex.


I do not want to use Start Workflow because that involves hard coding a user name and password in a workflow - which is overkill, and should not necessary.