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How can I save Task attachments to the parent List item in O365?

Question asked by on Mar 29, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2018 by dsotirov

Good afternoon, Nintex Community! Coming to you again for some tips or guidance. I'm looking to save/move/copy attachments from a Task Item to a List Item--and a few other situations.


Use case examples:


  1. A user has a task and the opportunity to attach files. I don't want him or her to attach the file(s) to the Task Item--the file(s) will never be found again. What are my options on the O365 platform to have these saved/moved/copied to the parent List Item where they can be viewed at a later date?
  2. How about if I create a copy of a List Item with attachments in a different list? Any way to move the attachments along with the simple field values?
  3. What if I simply want to extract an attachment from a List Item and move it to a File Library?


The attachment feature is so great, but it seems on O365 that it serves a very narrow use case. I hope I'm mistaken and some of you have found solutions to these types of challenges!