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Has anyone else had problems with Nintex Workflows not recognizing the Proxy URL in developing Web Services?

Question asked by sonisick on Mar 29, 2016

Starting with an excellent teacher on the Subject of creating a SharePoint Web Service: Creating a Custom ASP NET (ASMX) Web Service in SharePoint - YouTube 

also in paper form: Walkthrough: Creating a Custom ASP.NET (ASMX) Web Service in SharePoint 2010 – Rob Windsor's Weblog


I created a SharePoint Web Service to copy a document from a document library and output it to a Base64 String for input for an attachment to a SharePoint List. It worked like a champ on my Root Site Collection. Alas, we can't always stay there to do all our work.


What I discovered is that Nintex is not recognizing the proxy url I assign so the context (SPContext object) always ends up being in the Root Site Collection.


For example, if I have a root site collection of http://xyz--even if I develop the the Web service on http://xyz/sites/zz.  The SPContext Object points to http://xyz.


This will cause me to explicity open a new site to access the document library instead of being able to rely on my SPContext Object.  Just wanted to throw this into general knowledge, I learned this after about 4 hours.


Web Services are never easy.