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How can I iterate through a number of collection variables and add them to a table in a Word document?

Question asked by akalmar on Mar 28, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2017 by burkslm


I'm trying to iterate through the items in a repeating section on an order form and I'm having difficulties getting the data into a table in Word.  I don't have the document generation feature as we have SharePoint 2013 on premise.  So, I created a workflow that collects the data from a repeating section using collection variables that are run through a "For each" loop.  The workflow looks like this:


I've cut out the portion when the item numbers, sizes, and colours are converted from ID's to names which are then stored in variables.  At the end of the loop, the variables are placed into content controls in a Word template.  However, only the last item in the repeating section is stored (and I would imagine it's because the Word document is simply being overwritten with each iteration).  Is there a way around this problem?  Would storing the data in Excel work better (and if so, how)?


Thank you in advance for your help!