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Auto assign a person based on positon for an approval?

Question asked by jflyn3 on Mar 25, 2016
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I am attempting to create a workflow. I have multiple approvers that must approve in escalation. I can't assign one task to multiple people. I believe a State Machine is my best option. I have 7 approvals levels to go through and at any point one of the managers can reject it back to the initiator. Our system doesn't play well with Active Directory. So I created a second SharePoint list.


The title is the management position, such as Director of Finance. Employee column is drawing info as People from AD. Employees do move regularly, so I assume I'll have to edit the Employee every time a new person assumes the position. So what is the best course of action to have the approval assigned to someone based on their position?


in this above image, the ASB_Commander would approve/reject it first, then it has to go to the FRD_Director where she'll add a spreadsheet. Then the FRD-Director will approve/reject to the Dep_Chief_of_Admin and so on. there are four more managers in this chain. I'm sure there is Query List in there, but with 7 managers in the hierarchy, want to ensure it escalates properly without, if possible, the initiator having to insert the names; which he or she may not know.