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Repeating section data into a collection...only see last entry

Question asked by on Mar 23, 2016
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I've got a repeating section that outputs to a multi line text column. I've got a Query XML that outputs to a collection. I then have a For Each that goes through the collection.


I have a field called FieldA which is one of the repeating fields and there is a QueryXML which outputs to a collection called collFieldA. The For Each goes through the collection.


I then have an Update List Item which adds the contents of the collection to the Field A column.


I do get something appear in FieldA column but it's only the last entry in the Repeatinarg Section. If there's 3 entries in the RS field, I only get the last entry appear in the field.


It's obviously overwriting the value in FieldA as the For Loop progresses but how do I append instead of  overwriting?