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How to customise a To-Do-Task

Question asked by blake.reader on Mar 24, 2016
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Hi Eric Harris, many thanks for your original post titled 'Build a Better Nintex workflow 'Assign To-Do-Task' form.   Using the same method, i was wondering if its possible to customise the To-Do-Task options that the approvers would see?


My scenario:

I have a SharePoint document library that is running Nintex Approvals on all new and edited documents. I'm setting up a workflow that will 'Review' each document based on a date. The workflow is scheduled to run daily and advise any document owners when a document has breached its 'expiry' date and needs to be reviewed. The document would then be 'reviewed' and a new date applied for the next review.


Problem #1:

My plan was, to set up a nice approval task that a 'Review' could be done on a document. Whilst this workflow runs great, it doesn't come with reminders and escalations which is key for me.

Problem #2:

I set up a To-Do-Task to fire, however it generates alot of data the user doesn't need to see/complete each time.


Using Eric Harris method i can generate a nice tidy To-Do-Task with high level information about the document and a simple 'Approve' button. Sadly though, this doesn't approve the document in the library (it just completes the task). So the document isn't available for viewing as its 'Pending' approval still.


My aim:

Is to fire a task that comes with reminders/escalations to review a document, the task should contain two outcomes:

- Reject - Deletes the document

- Approve - Publishes the document


Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated and I hope I have written my requirement clearly enough.