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What is a Practical Volume Limit for Query List?

Question asked by on Mar 23, 2016
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Can someone please advise on the practical limit of the number of items that a Query List action can process before timing out?  My understanding is that Query List does not take advantage of Indexed Columns.


This is a product improvement request that was created in July 2014.


I will be creating a document library that will have several thousand documents added to it each month.  I will need to periodically (daily / weekly) check some fields with a workflow to determine action to be taken on the appropriate documents.  Any field I use in a Query List action will be indexed.  I have read that the Query List action will time out with large lists, and also that it could encounter the 5,000 item list view threshold.  If it has to look at each item in the list to determine if the criteria are appropriate to include it in the resulting collection, it seems that this would fail at 5,000 items.


Can anyone confirm how Query List selects items (sequential read or indexed read) and at what volume of items it becomes impractical to use?  Thanks!