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removing special tokens from a string

Question asked by icarus2627 on Mar 23, 2016
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This may be a very simple question, but I couldn't figure it out on my own.


I stumbled upon this when comparing a string to individual collection items (all being strings themselves).

Consider the collection:


for some reason in my workflow there is 'a' special token behind "brother" and I'm not sure which one. So I added a block to print out each collection item and the string we're comparing it too. And in the history log it's clear that there is a significant difference.


(worth mentioning: the collection is build using a regular expression on a choice field splitting on ;# because it seems that's how SharePoint keeps choices separated)


When printing behind the last collection item (in this case "brother") we find the following:



next to "WHY?" I'd like to know how to solve it.

(Right after writing this I'll be trying the inline 'trim' function, and if that solves it, great, but I still would like to know why this is happening)