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Programmatically Starting Workflow and Pass User Value

Question asked by mech288 on Mar 23, 2016
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Hey all!


I'm currently starting a SP 2010 Nintex workflow in C# via the SPWorkflowManager.StartWorkflow method, which starts fine, but I need to set a Reviewer (User or Group) field as part of the Initialization Data for the workflow instance. I am trying to set the value in xml and pass it in the eventData parameter in the StartWorkflow method, but I don't know what format the xml should be in. Here is the workflow's Association Data xml  I have to start with:


     <Reviewer />
     <Claimed_x005F_x0020_Reviewer />


What value do I set the Reviewer element to? I imagine it's something that specifies the user/group id, user/group account name, and if it is a user or group type. Any help would be appreciated.