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Switch not recognizing value?

Question asked by kclong1 on Jul 23, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2015 by buononut

Nintex  Workflow 2010


I have switch case multiple times before without an issue.


Current Situation

Switch case in Nintex workflow is not recognizing the value of the item as matching any of the branches.


Occurs whenever workflow auto runs or I manually start the workflow.


I do see in the history what the field value is and it does match a branch in the switch case but it still follows the "Other" branch.


Attempted Failed Workarounds

Added action to store field value in a variable to compare in switch case as opposed to using field value directly since comparing the field was not working.  This did not work.  It is not a case sensitive thing. The value of the variable does match one of the branches in the Switch case.  It still follows the "Other" branch.


Rebuilt the switch case to start over and the value is still not working.  The workflow still follows the "Other" branch.


Any personal experience you may have had with the switch case not working would be appreciated.