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Link tag on disabled panel

Question asked by dbaranyi on Mar 22, 2016

We have been developing a custom control which renders a simple link tag. It works fine, but when I place it on a panel and set the panel disabled with a rule the link is not clickable. As far as I could debug it, the problem is that the FormFiller places a disabled='disabeld' attribute on the link tag. All browsers successfully ignore it, except IE :-S


I already tried these hacks to remove this attribute immediately:

- MutationObserver: it works only on IE11. It's a problem, because we have Compatibility Mode on.

- OnPropertyChanged: it is supported on IE10, but the event not fired as the FormFiller add/remove the attribute (instead of changing)

- SetInterval (to check the attribute peridoically): it works, but has a performance penality


Maybe a FormFiller event can be used here?