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GetRunningWorkflowsforCurrent User web service

Question asked by kojeeman on Jul 23, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2014 by kojeeman

We have recently migrated from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2013 (including Nintex) and now it seems that our GetRunningWorkflowsforCurrentUser (workflow.asmx) does not return any values.


Scenarios tested for GetRunningWorkflowsforCurrentUser:

  • Nintex web service preview mode --> not working
  • Running the workflow --> Not working
  • Publishing InfoPath then opening form --> Not working --> give "File not found" error in SharPoint log althought it is running on the file.
  • GetRunningWorkflows (not for current user) --> Working
  • GetRunningWorkflowsforCurrentUser through preview (F5) of InfoPath 2010 --> Working


Couple of noteworthy items:

  • We used Database attach upgrade method.
  • Claims authentication has been enabled, tested and working.
  • We created an Secure Store App for the User Profile Service Web which is also working.


I'm still assuming it is some kind of user / account issue (as it was with theuser profile service) but i can't pass any account into the GetRunningWorkflowsforCurrentUser.


Any ideas perhaps?