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Can I duplicate a previous entry in a repeating section?

Question asked by chelsa on Mar 21, 2016

So, I know repeating sections can be a bit of a PitA to manage, so I thought I'd see if I could make it even more difficult


Basically, I have a section in the webform that's very "spreadsheet-ish". A user has to fill out multiple fields (up to 10) for each "row" (aka: repeating section). The functionality I'd like to be able to include in this section would be the ability for the user to duplicate or otherwise copy what they entered in a previous "row" and use that information to create a new row. In a worst-case scenario, a user might have to enter up to 50 of these repeating sections, so any way I can figure out how to make the process less tedious is ideal. If they can duplicate a previous section to a new "row", they'd possibly only have to fill out 2 of those fields in the new row instead of all 10.


Is there any way to do this, or are my hands tied because of the way repeating sections write to XML? Is there another approach I could take to this that I am not thinking of?


I've attached a copy of the mock-up I've been working on in the hopes that it'll help make what I'm asking for come across clearly Repeating Section mock up.PNG