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Lookup  runtime FUnction Not working properly

Question asked by santhoshraj on Mar 21, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2018 by brightlight

Hello Everyone,


I  have a list in site collection level,which consist of firm name and city. now i created a content type, in which i created a lookup column which lookup's for the value of the firm name. i created a nintex form out of the content type,  then i created a calculated a column inside the nintex form using the runtime lookup function, such that when one selects the firm name from the drop down the city pop's up automatically, here my syntax =lookup("mylistname","ID", controlname, "city").


My list name= it is created at the site collection level

we have created a sub site and have associated this content type to a list , such that when one creates a new item the nintex form created of the content type shows Up.


This formula works in preview mode, but when we publish it does not work.



Please any can help me.!!!

Thanks in advance.