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How to send mail with inline elements

Question asked by leviani on Mar 21, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2016 by wjbarton

I have built a Nintex 2013 List Workflow to send an E-Mail after a specific status in a status field has been reached.

The Mail will be send to the initiator of the workflow and the From / Subject / Body fields are filled from the SharePoint List that started the workflow.

The attachments of the listitem are also added.

That works like expected.


The Issue is, that the "body" field in SharePoint is a richtext (full html) field and the user can embed images via the ribbon Insert -> Picture.


If I just write that information into the mailbody, it won`t be embedded in the mail and the picture is not shown.

I would like to create an Content-Disposition inline element as described in the MIME Messaging standard (


In order to modify the <img src:…> attribute from e.G. src="/siteassets/sample.png" to src="cid:sample.png" I could work with regular expresion.


But how do I create an inline attachment with the nintex workflow ?

(e.G. like in the EWS Managed API