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Create Issue from Item in Task list

Question asked by jdandersonct on Mar 18, 2016
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Not sure if workflow is the best approach for what I am trying to accomplish but I'll start here.


I have a list of project tasks from which I would like to track any associated issues using the Issue Tracking app. Ideally, an issue could be created off of the edit form of the Tasks list or, any existing issues could be viewed off of the existing Task, either from the form or as a link in list view.


The approach I was thinking of was using workflow to store the Task item ID as a workflow variable, then create an item in the Issue Tracking list and populating a field with the Task list item ID to connect the two web parts. The workflow would create a new Issue when the user selects New Issue from a Choice list. If the user selects View Issues in the same choice list, the workflow takes them to the Issue Tracker and returns any associated issues by filtering the Issue Tracker on the ItemID.


Hope this makes sense. Thanks in advance.