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WF for O365 "update item permissions": multiple error in IE9

Question asked by francois on Mar 18, 2016

Here it is the list of the issues that I encounter with IE 9.


1. In the designer, I put the "Office 365 update item permissions" in the canvas.

Next, I double click in the action and I encounter the first error:


When I click in the "Close" link, the message disappear and I can start the configuration of the action.


2. I encounter the next error when I select in the "Items to update", in "Filters" the option "Update items only when the following is true". No message but non additionnal configuration is displayed ("Update the items when column").


3. At last, when I want save the action, I encounter a new error:


3.1. The button at the bottom of the configuration action does nothing (only button available in the the ribbon does something).

All these errors are not encountered in Firefox.


Another small issue (minor).

In the panel of the configuration action, the text of the resource is not convert ($Resource:core):



I don't know if these errors are in all version of IE or if there is a specific parameter to activate in IE but the only solution that I have today is to use Firefox.