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Start workflow operation usage in a list workflow

Question asked by ddhar on Mar 16, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2016 by philipplucas


we have 2 list workflows in a list, one of which is the actual workflow which does the task, the other one is more of a worker one which enables the main workflow. Our requirement is to kick start the list workflow at a particular time. Initially we were using a pause operation in the worker workflow for it to wait for a particular time of the day and them make it run. That had issues due to which I was looking for an alternative. Saw the "start workflow"operation. scheduled it for a time and made it repeat every 1 hour for testing purposes. the end schedule is "indefinite". we noticed that it does starts the main workflow, however it runs over the hour. for eg: if it is scheduled for 8am, it would start from 8am and rum every minute till 8:59am.

I tried changing it to run every day, I still see it running every minute.


Can anyone tell what is my mistake in its configuration or exactly what I need to do to make it run just once.



start workflow config:



Thanks in advance.