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Having fun with Date / Time in Nintex Forms

Question asked by daniel.will on Mar 15, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2016 by ghkrause

Hi fellow Nintex Admins,


I have a form with a star and end date/time for a meeting:

and I want some validations and automation, when the user fills out the form.


What works is that I check if the start date is in the past and that the end date is not before the start date.

For the end date I use:

{Selbst} < Sitzungsstart

and for the start date:

{Selbst}< Aktuelles Datum

What was really interesting for me, the validation for the end date also checks for the time not only the date, what is great.


So I wanted to achieve this also for the start date with:

If({Selbst}< Aktuelles Datum || {Selbst} <Aktuelle Zeit)

Any ideas why this doesn't work?


The second problem is that I want to set the end date = the start date, when the user sets the start date, cause most meetings end on the same day. How can I do that?


The third question is, if there is a way to check if a validation is needed, depending on another validation. At the moment I have two validations on the end date field:

The first check if it is null or empty:

and the second if the date/time is before the start date:

If the user does not choose a date, both messages pop up. I would like, that the second validation only fires, when the field is not empty.


Thank you for your help