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Does somebody have an overview of what exactly are the differences between Workflow on prem and Workflow 365? Same for Forms

Question asked by twand on Jul 23, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2015 by jowe

Helloo everybody,


Thanks for the reactions.

I want to close the subject but I do not know how.


At the OneXacademy we have been working hard to produce a full learning syllabus to cover Nintex Office 365. It is in QA review @ Nintex.

So now we know the differences. Thanks for all the contributions.

Anybody who has reacted to this post can have a free copy. Please send your request directly to








@ the OneXacademy we are providing online learning material for Workflow and Forms as well exams. We have been approached by people who want to have a 365 training.

We are a bit puzzled.


This is what we know ourselves:


  1. There is no difference for as well end-user
    as dev-user experience between Nintex Workflow or Forms on prem or 365
  2. There is a gap between the functionality: on
    prem is always richer then 365. This will change in time
  3. Installation is a lot easier in 365
  4. Workflow is running in SP on prem, is not
    running in SP in 365
  5. Migration from on prem to 365 is a tedious