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workflow doesn't start when item is uploaded by app

Question asked by kstouthandel on Mar 14, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2016 by contenu

We have a library where XML files are being placed in. On this library there is a column which is called RequestStatus.

This column is a lookup field to a list with the following choices:

- Disapproved

- Succesfull

- Succesfull with errors

- Registrated

- Approved

- In progress


I have setup a workflow on the library that starts on new items and changes. In the XML is a variable called "URL" with a value

The workflow queries the XML files checks if the URL starts with

If so then the RequestStatus is being set to Approved.


When i upload a file to the library which has the URL in the XML, the workflow starts and sets the value to Approved.


When the XML is placed by an App approved account. The workflow doesnt start. Nothing happens with the workflows.


Does someone have the same issue and how can i solve it?


Thanks in advance

Kevin Stouthandel