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How can I use Excel as Middleware to manipulate Object, not Report, data?

Question asked by carolinep on Mar 11, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2016 by haley.walsh

I’m trying to use Excel as Middleware to create a section to insert in a DDP Word document.  The instructions and video on the support site both address how to manipulate Report data;  however, I need to manipulate Object data, which it also indicates is supported.  How can I pull Object, not Report, data into an Excel for Middleware use case? 


I need to create a DDP that breaks out product line items on a quote for a multi-year deal.  For example, I have Product “A” on Quote with a subscription term of 36 months for $30,000, and Product “B” with a subscription term of 24 months for $10,000.  I’d like to generate the document output to reflect:


Product A, Year 1, $10,000

Product B, Year 1, $5,000

Product A, Year 2, $10,000

Product B, Year 2, $5,000

Product A, Year 3, $10,000

Grand Total:  $40,000