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What is the impact of Nintex workflow on SharePoint Content Deployment jobs?

Question asked by aashima.gupta on Mar 10, 2016

I am trying to understand whats the impact of Nintex workflows with regular SharePoint deployments.


To give  the context:

For SharePoint, we have a UAT environment, where we do all the changes and then via ‘Sharepoint Content Deployment’, we do the propagation to our production environment. We don’t do any changes on production. Production environment is always updated via Content Deployment. We have SharePoint 2013 on premise instance on both the environments. And we are using Nintex on premise installation.



On UAT, I create a workflow and set it up to start when an item is added to the list. Now, I add an item to the list, the workflow starts, it goes through the process of approval, etc and the workflow completes. The item becomes final.  Now I do the propagation to production environment. What happens on production environment in this case?  Will the list still work(on prod) normally?  We don’t have Nintex solution installed on production.