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Displaying flexitask approval/rejection comments on sharepoint list

Question asked by on Mar 10, 2016
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I have a share point list managed by nintex workflow 2013.


The list's purpose is manage requests for room availability at our facility.  The lifecycle of the request is as follows:


     1. The initiator completes the InfoPath form, and selects a section manager to approve the request.

     2. The section manager approves or disapproves the request.  This is done with a flexi-task, and the comments in the flexi-task's approval form are optional.

     3. The workflow ends if the section manager disapproves, their comments in the flexi-task are displayed on the share point list. If the section manager

         approves, the flexi-task comments are also displayed, and the request goes to the two station managers for approval (Another flexi-task, first responder

         completes the task).

     4. The station manager either approves or disapproves the request, and their flexi-task comments (Also, not required) are displayed in the share point list.


The problem that I'm having is the format of the flexi-task comments.  They look like this:


In the column "Comments by service chief", I would like the green part of the comments to not display.

In the column "Comments by Final Approver", I would also like the green part to not display (In this case, the approver didn't leave any comments), additionally, I would like only the potential comments of the person who did either approve or reject the request.


Thanks for your time to read this, and I would sincerely appreciate any advice you might have.