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how to auto-record the first modify time, and don't get it updated on the next open

Question asked by zoe on Mar 9, 2016
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I am try to create an online check-in/out tool on SharePoint via using Nintex Form, the purpose is simple, once the item is created, I can use the *created* time  as this person's Check-in Time.


At the end of the day, this person will back to the same list, and open the item he/she created this morning, click on Save, then the last modify time can be used as this person's Check-out time. However, the problem is if this open come back to open the item to save again, the last modify time will get updated, the record will mess up....


does anyone know any better idea to auto-record the first modify time (check-out time), but not allow anyone to edit the time again.



I used try to add a *Date/time* on my form (enable on edit mode only) as the setting below, but I found two problem, 1. the time will be updated on every save 2. the time didn't be recorded precisely, e.g. 7:05pm will be record 8:00pm