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Call Web Service - credentials need special permissions

Question asked by astanley on Mar 9, 2016
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I'm trying to get "call web service", running one workflow within another work flow.  ( I need to make flexi tasks for a whole list of items and need them to run in parallel rather than waiting for one to be addressed before moving onto the next ).  I thought I had call web service working as I was able to get the web method list to resolve using the farm level sharepoint credentials I provided.  Credentials are stored as a site variable.  When I went to execute the input I provided, I got the attached error. While the credentials I have set up are admin, I'm wondering if there isn't anything else special I should be doing.


Thank you in advance!!


Detected use of a workflow constant 'Nintex Farm Level Sharepoint Credentials' which does not exist or is not allowed for the current user in the action 'Call web service'.