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Calculation Field Converting String to Number

Question asked by kkittinger on Mar 9, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2016 by emha

Hi Community,


I have a form that is pulling user IDs, through user profile service. We are using a calculation field to do this but it is then automatically converting it to a number when its to be a string. So when we try to compare it in a rule to either show or not show a certain panel we are getting the wrong panel since its wanting to compare a numeric number to a string.  Why is it automatically converting the string of number to numeric and how can this be fixed?


Userprofilelookup("CurrentUser", "ID") is our formula in the calculation field box, to grab the users id which is a string of numbers.


Then we compare this to a string in a list to see if they are able to be involved in the poll.  Some users have a letter in there ID but most are all numbers.


Any insight or help on this is greatly appreciated.