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Wait for Item Update in a Conditional "OR" situation

Question asked by sheila33496 on Jul 21, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 24, 2014 by akrasheninnikov

Perhaps I'm just not thinking this through but I have an item that has 3 separate approvers fields which makes up one "Section". I send notification to these Approvers and wait for them to go into the form and either select "Approve", "Deny" or they click on a button that "Resets All Approvals" and clears all fields (which will start approval workflow over again). There are several sections of these types of approvers.


In the workflow I send notification to these 3 approval groups and I need the form to wait until either "Section Complete" field = 3 (meaning everyone has answered), or Wait for "Reset Approval" field to = true (which happens when anyone clicks on the Reset Approval button).


My question is, how do I set a conditional wait for item update here? Or is there a better way/suggestion? (Please, no programming solutions). Thanks.