Not getting any answers from Nintex Support on Content Type fields not showing up on Request Data form

Discussion created by njlech on Mar 9, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2016 by aaron.labiosa@nintex.com

I've already entered this question on this site under Getting Started, and had no help to resolve.  

I've also submitted this issue to support@nintex.com twice, and received no replies from anyone, not even a confirmation that I submitted a support request.


This is serious and I need help ASAP!


I have a Request Data page, and I created a content type called BookReviewContentType with 2 field columns called Review and Rating.  The 2 fields are not showing up on the Request Data form when I click on the email link to complete the workflow task.  I published the workflow, so I know the content type does exist in the site, and the field columns exist on the site as well.  I see them as part of the appropriate content type on Site Settings, Site Columns page, and Site Content Types page. But I don't know why they are not displaying on the Request Data form.  It does not make any sense.


I need a response from a support tech!