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Form cancel button: how do I set a function to cancel the form and close the window

Question asked by melodybwillis on Mar 8, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2016 by melodybwillis

I started playing around with Nintex forms in the last month after taking on the job of setting up a SharePoint 2013 page for my team. I have a form setup but need to stop the form directing to the SP list when someone clicks the Save and Cancel buttons.


I may have a solution to redirect the Save button but still am looking for something for the Cancel button.


When a user clicks the link to complete a form it is opened in a new window. If they click the cancel button I want the window that was opened to close without saving the form data. The nearest I can find for this to work is a JS along the lines of "return false and window.close" but I have no idea how to set this up or code it.


Can anyone help with this one or provide some suggestions on alternative solutions?