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Lookup field data not saved in hidden panel - o365

Question asked by vmanning on Mar 10, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2016 by vmanning


I have a form with sevearl fields and a panel that I hide if the user is not part of a group (Buying Department). In that panel I have a text field, a choice field and a lookup field.

When I create a new item and I'm not in the Buying department, as expected I don't see the fields in the panel, I can fill in the other fields on the form and save it.

If I'm in the Buying Department, I can edit the form, fill in the fields inside the panel and save. All the data is saved as expected.


Now if a user not in the Buying Department goes back to edit that form and save it, the data in the text and choice field of my panel are preserved, but the lookup field is not and ends up being empty.


Why is that? How can I ensure that the data in the lookup field is not lost?