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Multiple concurrent tasks

Question asked by smsmith on Mar 8, 2016
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I am trying to make a workflow where a variable number of people will get a task (determined by list item selections). What I'd like to do is take an action after each response. Creating a single flexi task with multiple assignees isn't working for my needs, as it is treating it as one response from the group. Here is what I'm trying to do. Here is an example: I have a field with 5 names in it; I want to send an approve/reject request to each of those 5 people. If somebody rejects I'd like to run a series of actions but keep the flexi task active and waiting for 4 more replies. If another person approves I'd like to run a different set of actions. In this scenario I want 5 separate decisions not one collective decision from 5 people. The catch is, the number of people involved is variable it could be 1, it could be 40 so I can't just build out parallel branches with separate flexi tasks in each, and doing a for each loop just makes it consecutive which would be hugely detrimental if I need 40 people to reply sequentially rather than all at once.


Any idea how I might pull this off? (This is analogous to in SharePoint designer workflows the "When a task completes" section, where I can take an action after each person responds within a task process)