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How to Tackle Multiple Users Contributing to This Form

Question asked by michaelpe on Mar 8, 2016
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I fell into the trap of being 90% done with my form and workflow and was asked for a "small change" that I'm not sure how the best way to tackle.

The form is called Department Top 3. It includes the different departments within our multiple facilities and shows their top three initiatives.


- Each form may have anywhere between 5-8 people who need access to edit the form.

-They want a "save as draft" and "save and submit" button which I seen a few blog posts on how to do this.

- Once all the fields are filled out, the facility manager looks it over before the final submit, which then kicks off the workflow.


My problem is how to handle the security of the form. I'll turn versioning on in case someone accidentally deletes info already filled out by someone else. I built a form in the past that disables once it has been submitted, but I would hate for them to not be able to edit the form before final submission.

I can show the form if this is confusing at all. Just curious how we tackle forms that require multiple user input. Thanks