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CAML query not giving result when inserting workflow reference

Question asked by seid on Mar 8, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2016 by janeyres

I'm trying to query a list in another site using CAML query, however I'm not getting a result if I'm inserting references. while on the other hand when I enter the value manually it gives the result. anyone having this issue? The reference value is there and correct. I run the same caml query with value entered manually and it works fine. This is my CAML query: 




    <List ID="{9D234801-4B45-4283-9F7C-6348BE9E2D55}" />



    <FieldRef Name="LetterRefNo" />




      <FieldRef Name="ID"  />

      <Value Type="Counter">{WorkflowVariable:test}</Value>





I'm trying to retrieve the LetterRefNo where ID is equal to {WorkflowVariable:test} I have tried setting the value type to Text or Counter but I got the same result...