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Changing Site URL and Title via Nintex Workflow

Question asked by bamaeric Champion on Mar 7, 2016
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We have a top level site with a list that contains information (site name, owner, URL, etc.) about subsites that have been created.  The scenario I’m trying to figure out is how to change a subsite’s URL and Title if a user changes the name of the subsite in the list at the top level.  I’m basically trying to use a workflow to accomplish changing the subsite URL and Title name.


I was able to do this on premise using the PowerShell action for Nintex Workflow that Aaron Labiosa created (NTX PowerShell Action - Stable Release).  But I’m striking out so far as to how to do this in O365 via Nintex Workflow.  Any ideas if this is even possible and if there are any approaches?