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I want to show product information on my document where opportunity product can be associated to different account.

Question asked by anupama_pundhir on Mar 7, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2016 by kelliganp


Currently I'm using DDP to merge few objects like Account,Opportunity,one custom object and Opportunity line item.

While creating relationship under DDP object as a "sql" I'm getting repetitive value(same) for different product. For eg.

There are two accounts "Account A" and "Account B"

Opportunity associated with Account A is having few line items (line item A, Line Item B, Line Item C)

Line Item is having lookup relationship with Account i.e one line item can associate to different Account.

"line item A" is associate with "Account A".

"line item B" is associated with "Account A"

"Line Item C" is associated with "Account B".

I want to show data of oppline item on document which i used to send through DDP as

Organisation Name :Account A

Product Info : line item A total of field1, line item A field 2

                       line item B total of field1, line item B field 2

Organisation Name : Account B

Product Info : Line Item C total of field 1, Line Item C field 2