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Execute SQL Query - Multiple Columns

Question asked by d288 on Mar 5, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2016 by d288

Hi Guys,

We are using Nintex 2013 Enterprise version and I want to know if we can retrieving data from multiple columns in sql?  If yes, can you someone please let me know the steps on how to get data from multiple columns? 

My requirement is :

1. Query 4 columns in SQL (ProductUniquenumber, ProductStatus, Createdby, Creator email address) 

2. Run a parallel action and have 4 separate collection operations, I've created workflow variables exactly as shown in your example above. Not sure if this is the best way of doing it? please advice. 

3.I will be using foreach action to iterate thru the collection 

4. Send email notification to individual users. 


Thanks in advance