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Using Workflow Variables in Build String

Question asked by nintexenthusiast on Jul 21, 2014
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Hi All


To simplify the maintenance of my workflows I like to use email templates for the complete workflow communication. This means I have a document library where the email templates are stored as HTML files. Inside these HTML files I'm using variable content like {ItemProperty:Creator} etc.


This means, I'm reading the content of the HTML file into a workflow variable and then I'm using a "Build String" action to replace the tokens.


This works perfectly if I'm using only item properties {ItemProperty:XXX}. Since not all properties (i.e. Creator's display name) are accessible on item level, I need to use workflow variables as well.


Unfortunately this does not seem to work: As soon as I'm trying to use a workflow variable like {WorkflowVariable:CreatorDisplayName} the token is not resolved anymore. Setting the "Parse for tokens twice" does not help.


Does anyone have an idea what I'm doing wrong or are nested workflow variables never parsed?

Thanks for your help in advance.