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Send form contents to DocuSign

Question asked by baltner on Mar 3, 2016
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I have created a Nintex form that I'd like to have signed via DocuSign.  My tests so far with DocuSign work great for existing documents or templates but I can't seem to get it to work with a submitted form. The response I get from DocuSign is that it needs a PDF file to work with.  Converting my form contents to PDF doesn't seem to work either (using the Convert document workflow action) since it complains about  an invalid URI (the format of the URI could not be determined).  What's weird is that the help file for the Convert document action actually shows the Source field having a value of "Current item" but no such choice is available from the Insert Reference menus. The best I could find was ItemURL but that doesn't work either.


I don't want to print the form to PDF first, then store it in a library, then send it to DocuSign. That's too many steps.  I need to find the correct combination of form and workflow actions to make DocuSign accept the form as a valid document. Is this even possible?