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WorkflowDesigner.aspx not loading correctly

Question asked by rroel on Jul 18, 2014
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We have a customer where Nintex Workflow 2013 is installed on two environments, a quality environment and a production environment. In the quality environment we can work with Nintex without an issue. On production however WorkflowDesigner.aspx is not loading correctly.

This is what the issue looks like (it is also impossible to use most ribbon controls, except Workflow Settings and Help).

At first I thought the issue would be that the custom master page does not work correctly with the WorkflowDesigner, but after enabling the Seattle or Oslo master page the issue remains.

So I went to check the versions. It seems that both are on version (quality on a development license and production on a registered enterprise license) . On production I did see a strange 2010 banner, but I am not sure if it is related:


These errors pop-up upon loading the page when debugging using developer tools and trying to use commands in the ribbon:

  1. Method selectsinglenode not supported
  2. MainScript.js??3040, regel 707 teken 5


oConfigXml = CreateXmlDoc("<NWActionConfigurations><ActionConfigs></ActionConfigs></NWActionConfigurations>");


var configs = oConfigXml.selectSingleNode("/NWActionConfigurations/ActionConfigs");

  1. Object is null or not defined
  2. WorkflowDesigner.aspx, regel 735 teken 1


  1. document.getElementById('s4-leftpanel-content').style.paddingBottom = 0;

Does anyone know what might be the matter or what we can do next, apart from reinstalling Nintex on our production environment?