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Nintex Workflow - Condition Branching Not Working on Lookup Data Type

Question asked by kamend on Mar 4, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2017 by kamend

I am new to the community. I tried to avoid asking this question by searching, but did not find anything. Please forgive if this is duplicative.


I have a form that allows the user to select their department from another list. The data type for the department column is "Lookup". In the column, it displays the "Department Name" column from the lookup table.


In my workflow, I want to set a condition that if Department = a specific department, I want to branch off and have a slightly different workflow.


I used the "Set a condition" action, chose the "If current item field equals value" condition, and copied and pasted the "Department Name" from the lookup table as the value.


I can't figure out why this would not work.


Any thoughts?