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Filtering List Lookup Fields against primary List Lookup value in O365 platform for Nintex Mobile

Question asked by on Mar 2, 2016
Latest reply on May 9, 2016 by marko

Hello! Nintex novice here (but learning more every day). Have a question I'm hoping someone can answer on filtering List Lookup Field results based on entry of the first Lookup field.


Primary List: Item Request (where the form is built)

Secondary List: Existing Vendors


Existing Vendors Example:


Columns - First Row

Existing Vendor Name - Pacific Wine Supply

Existing Vendor Address - 321 Example Ave., Santa Rosa, CA 95403

Existing Vendor Contact - Jane Johnson


On my form (which must be published in Nintex Mobile, so no JS solutions here), I'd like the user to select the Existing Vendor Name from the list pulled from the Existing Vendors list. Once selected, I'd like the Existing Vendor Address and Existing Vendor Contact to auto-populate.


So, in this use case, the user selects Pacific Wine Supply and the Address and Contact fields populate with 321 Example Ave and Jane Johnson.


Lastly, I'd like all three values to write to the Item Request list upon submission.


Is this possible on the O365 platform in a way that is compatible with Nintex Mobile? I've spent hours educating myself on Nintex Community and, while I've made some progress, I'm a bit confused in identifying methods that don't require Nintex On-Prem and disqualify the form from being used in Nintex Mobile.


Thanks in advance!!!