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Prevent values from overwriting

Question asked by rencygonzalez on Mar 2, 2016
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I have a workflow that I created on a library that goes through an approval process. The workflow initates when the user saves the word template into the library. I am using Flexi-Tasks, going down the "approve" and "reject branch" I am using a call webservice action (figure 1)  that saves the comment and date of the user into a variable called "UserTaskOutcome." This variable is then saved into a column called "CommentsMade" in the library. This column is placed on the word document so that when the manager opens the final version of the template they can see the approver's name and the history of comments made.


The issue I have run into is, when the first person approves the document the comments save into the variable, however during the approval process if the first person has to reject or approve the task then the variable saves the new comment and the original comment isn't there anymore. How do I preserve all comments made without them overwriting each other?