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Start data (Date and Time) is not being passed/recognized when starting a workflow from another workflow

Question asked by rrelopez on Feb 29, 2016



I have a workflow (Workflow 1) that starts another workflow (Workflow 2) with a Start data named "To Do Reminder Date" as shown in the images below. This "To Do Reminder Date" is a Date and Time field with Date & Time format.


Workflow 1 :

2 29 0.png


2 29 1.png



Workflow 2:


2 29 2.png


** The issue is when "Workflow 1" starts "Workflow 2" , it seems that it is not passing the value of the "To Do Reminder Date". Because whenever "Workflow 2" is started, the workflow history is not showing the correct "To Do Reminder Date". Instead , this is what is always showing from the workflow history.



2 29 3.png



I'm pretty sure that the "To Do Reminder Date" has a valid value as I'm capturing it from the history log. I can't seem to figure out what's wrong here?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.