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Leapyear: A workflow with a fixed date crahes because It'll get set one day back. Anyone else?

Question asked by patricko on Mar 1, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2016 by patricko

Yesterday I created a new workflow. It's really simple: Apply for an Safety Instruction and then do a confirmation every 180 days, delete if you don't answer within 3 weeks, extend if you answer.


Start when a new item is created, assign a flexi Task and then wait, until an instruction date is added.

To do this I have a SharePoint Library and every item has a field "Instruction Date". It has a Standard value of 01.01.2000 when created. Then it has a function: wait for item update: Instruction date to not equal 01.01.2000.

I testet it yesterday and it worked without Problems. Today I changed a notification and wanted to test again and it had an error. After a bit of testing I found out why: The wait for item update changed! It says now: Instuction date to not equal 31.12.1999, it set a day back.

Since yesterday was the 29th Feb i would guess it's due to the leapyear. The same error would occur every 4 years. Can someone confirm this?