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A workflow spend a lots of time to create a Flexi Task

Question asked by r.kuznetsov on Feb 26, 2016
Latest reply on May 25, 2016 by r.kuznetsov

I have a workflow with Flexi Task which contain many users (6 users in my case) in Assignees field.


And I have two SharePoint farms.

My first farm is a development machine which contains SharePoint Foundation 2013 and SQL Server.

My second farm is a production farm which contains 2 mashines. (First machine is SharePoint Foundation 2013 and second machine is SQL Server)


I try to start same workflow in both farms.

In the developer machine workflow spent 7 seconds for to create 6 tasks.

But in the production farm this operation spent 5 minutes!!!

It is unbelievable. Workflow spend 30 seconds for to create a one task for per user

And i don't know cause of this behavior.


Anubody knows resolution of this problem?